About Us

At First Impression we can provide our professional resurfacing and expert resealing services to businesses and homes in all areas in Coolangatta

Being one of the most professional garage epoxy flooring specialists in Coolangatta, we utilize the latest, high tech, pressure washing tools, enabling us to clean several forms of surfaces involving imprinted concrete, block paving, natural stone, paving slabs, crazy paving, tarmac, and decking.

As authorized concrete sealing contractors in Coolangatta, you can be assured that the service and products we serve are of the highest standard and therefore you can be confident that we can accomplish the results you desire.

Utilizing the most advanced equipment available, we can remodel exterior surfaces to a level that very few firms can match. Our upgraded system will expel grime, dirt, most oil stains, weeds, tire marks, moss, and algae. We can restore your staining covering patio and pool surrounds and decking to their original condition and former glory.

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We believe in providing excellent value for money and make your exteriors as hassle-free as probable. Providing a service to suit all vying budgets, whether you are a pensioner or a large multinational firm, we make your paving and other components of your exterior better, simpler, and safer to maintain between restoring curb appeal and a non-hazardous exterior for visitors.

Not only is maintenance cost-effective than replacement, our service exceptionally reduces any possible claim as a consequence of someone injuring and slipping themselves.